Not All Auto Insurance Policies are Created EqualNot All Auto Insurance Policies are Created Equal

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Not All Auto Insurance Policies are Created Equal

It is important to understand exactly what your auto insurance policy entails, especially if you own an older vehicle and you don’t carry comprehensive coverage. While most insurance policies have general similarities, there can be serious differences between one policy and another, even if you’re only comparing policies offered by the same company. For example, some policies cover things like car rentals if you’re ever in an accident while others won’t even cover the towing costs to get your vehicle to a repair shop. This blog is designed to provide you with some insight into what you should expect from typical policies, and what to look for when comparing your different options to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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How Car Safety Ratings And Features Affect The Cost Of Auto Insurance

When you request a quote for auto insurance from an agency, the agent will need to know a lot of things before he or she can give you a cost of insuring your car. One thing that will affect your rates is the details about the car itself, including its safety ratings. Did you realize that the safety ratings and features of your vehicle play a role in the costs for the policy? A lot of people do not know this, but it is true, and here are a few things to understand about safety ratings, car features, and auto insurance.

Why safety ratings and features matter

If you did not realize that safety ratings affect the price you pay for insurance, you will need to understand why the safety ratings matter. They matter to insurance companies because they help the companies know the risks for the vehicles they are insuring. A car that is highly rated, in terms of safety, will have a lower risk of getting damaged during an accident, for example. Insurance prices are all about risk, and insurance companies tend to charge higher rates when risk levels are greater. If you have a car with excellent safety ratings, you can expect to pay less for the insurance because of these ratings.

The safety ratings and features insurance companies look for

Airbags are a common component of vehicles today, and most insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles that have them. If you were in an accident with a car that has airbags, you have a greater chance of surviving the accident, because airbags save lives. If your car has anti-lock brakes, you may also qualify for a discount, as this type of brake system is better at stopping in wet or icy conditions.

All new cars made will undergo testing for safety ratings, and one of the most common types of tests is a crash test. The goal of this test and others is to see how well a car handles in common types of crashes. Another goal is to see the damage crashes could do to passengers in the vehicle during crashes. When the testing is completed, a car will receive a safety rating, and insurance companies give discounts for cars that have excellent safety ratings because this reduces the risks of the insurance company.

If you are shopping for a car and want to save money on insurance, you should look for a car with great safety ratings and features. By doing this, you will not only save money on car insurance, but you will also be safer when driving your car. For more information, contact a company like Hayes McDowell Insurance Agent.