Not All Auto Insurance Policies are Created EqualNot All Auto Insurance Policies are Created Equal

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Not All Auto Insurance Policies are Created Equal

It is important to understand exactly what your auto insurance policy entails, especially if you own an older vehicle and you don’t carry comprehensive coverage. While most insurance policies have general similarities, there can be serious differences between one policy and another, even if you’re only comparing policies offered by the same company. For example, some policies cover things like car rentals if you’re ever in an accident while others won’t even cover the towing costs to get your vehicle to a repair shop. This blog is designed to provide you with some insight into what you should expect from typical policies, and what to look for when comparing your different options to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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The Importance Of Getting SR22 Insurance From A Reputable Insurer

If you are pulled over and ticketed for driving without insurance, you could face significant legal penalties. Along with having to pay a substantial fine, you also might have to prove to the municipal court that you have sufficient coverage on your vehicle for the next few months or longer.

This burden of proof requires you to get coverage from an insurer that can provide it to the court on your behalf in a timely and professional manner. You can benefit from getting this kind of policy from an insurer that has experience in issuing SR22 insurance.

Prompt Proof of Coverage

The primary reason to get this coverage from an insurer that can issue SR22 insurance involves making sure you can submit proof of it on time each month to the court. The judge assigned to your case might require you to have this proof submitted by the first of every month. If it arrives late, it could lead to you having your license suspended or revoked. 

Rather than face such legal penalties, you can get your SR22 insurance from an insurer that can fax, email, or mail in proof of your policy by the first of every month. The court will know you are insured properly and have no reason to suspend or revoke your license.

Willingness to Insure

Further, an insurer that issues SR22 insurance may have experience in covering high-risk drivers. You need to find an insurer that is willing to take a chance in insuring you and will issue you a policy. An insurer that typically does not issue SR22 insurance may not be willing to take you on as a liability.

However, an SR22 insurance company like Bill Blake Auto Insurance may be willing to sell you a policy, despite the fact you were found guilty of driving without insurance. They can issue the coverage you need to prove to the court each month. It will also make sure you are covered in case you get into an accident or cause damage while driving. It may spare you from having to pay for those damages yourself and further jeopardize your driving record.

SR22 insurance can be vital to helping you retain your ability to drive legally. You can get proof of it submitted to the court on time each month and avoid having your license suspended or revoked. You can also get it from a company that insures high-risk drivers and can pay for accidents you might cause while driving.